I have got to say; I am so, so, so proud of my little mare.

Today was day 4 of our second round of stifle trotting sets, and pharma is holding up so well.

Before I moved to springhaven, Pharma could not be kept in a stall. So the fact that she is now a happy full care horse, and is calmly putting up with stall rest like this, it’s….

no words.


3 rides ago my mare was a menace, after only long reined trotting for our first 10 day trot set, she had decided that it meant she didn’t have to work anymore, and fought me like crazy to avoid bringing her back up and working through herself in a more collected frame than ‘western pleasure- nose in the dirt’.

Yesterday we suddenly had a breakthrough, after the first half of our ride was near-constant fighting, I was ready to give up. But then- essentially a miracle! My barn owner didn’t see us in the arena and came in without calling out, making pharma spook. But somehow, for some reason, that spook seemed to flip a switch in her brain, and our ride flipped a complete 180!

Pharma stopped fighting me and started working through her back ins such a gorgeous, light connected frame.

Today was even better. No fighting, she was so light and forward, bouncing off my leg aids without a whip in my hand, moving forward into her bridle with her back lifted, I barely needed to use my hands to soften her unless she got distracted.

She went on both short and medium rein lengths without any fuss, and without changing her trot stride, there was no head tossing when we changed bend, it was so, so beautiful.

Not to mention, her trot has improved so much with the stifle injections! She’s smoother, but with a little more bounce, and I think I’m going to ask my mom to video a bit tomorrow, or possibly just set my camera up somewhere to get a really good quality video.

I don’t really plan on showing anymore this year. Possibly only one on a month or two just to cap us off, but I really want to focus on preparing to show 1st level next year.

We have 6 more days of trot sets to do, but I can never get tired of riding my amazing mare.

My dream horse has changed to simply a 6 year old Pharma, though I know such a thing will never be possible.

No matter what the future brings, this liver chestnut unicorn is my forever horse, and in my heart she is worth more than money can buy. And until the day she prances across the rainbow bridge in the most dramatic way possible, She will always be mine.

13671230_104861053290729_757635927_n 13388528_1641640509489935_14108077_n



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